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It is not surprising men, when faced with having to wear shoes for a special occasion, or even for a daily morning walk, become paralyzed. The problem with shopping shoes right now is that there is too much choice. This summer, should you be wearing sneakers, boots, or any other casual shoes?

The sneaker, which was once considered scruffy, is now de rigueur in several offices. Think you can’t wear sneakers to workplaces. Think again! In fact, it has even hoisted itself to become one of the coolest kicks to tread the red carpet.

Swagger and elitism are common now. Several brands have kept the game going with a whole range of classic collection and other special shoes that are of great interest to people who are interested in this whole sneaker thing. In particular, PF Flyers has done a splendid job standing out from the pack, and their RAMBLER fits the tag of the perfect pair of white, crisp casual kicks- all for a surprisingly low price.

PF Flyers’ is Special

When it comes to sneakers, you can’t beat the American classic, can you? Many brands gave it a shot, only to fail miserably. But if you are scouring the internet for a pair of special, modern, hi top sneakers, something that is not overstated, go for PF Flyers’ sneakers.

PF Flyers’ shoes are without doubt second to none in the world of canvas shoes for men. PF Flyers’ main feature is the understanding that almost every person wants to think that they have some special pair of shoes (and sneakers), even if they did not pay a wedge for them.

PF Flyers’ RAMBLER is Super Special

The sneakers are incredibly breathable, and lightweight, ideal for strolling around the lanes sans socks. Oh, and another selling point about these shoes is the natural canvas color instead of the typical searing white canvas color. Agreed, there is a tinge of subtle bright color, but only just, thanks to that green PF logo and a thick red stripe near the heel area.

They are holding up very well so far. Suffice to say, these are the best canvas sneakers I have ever had, and I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who is looking for a shoe that looks cool with shorts or a typical beach sneaker. I was more than happy with the wide array of color offerings (which I think is a special feature about this brand).

Comfort and Durability

If you have places to go and things to do, and those gravely roads can take its toll on a pair of heels. But these sneakers look durable and tough, something you would expect from a shoe maker that originally introduced a new range of top of the line shoes with novel technology several decades ago.

After a few days of constant wear, the fabric seems to be durable and is actually looking sturdy enough to hold up to possible tears and abrasion during the active summer months. And, to my surprise, for being an all-white pair of sneakers they seem to repel dirt, stains and water completely.

For being a classic sneaker, they wear comfortably- they do not feel fragile at all, unlike other kinds of ankle-high sneakers available in the market.


From a style perspective, these kicks are bang on. Unlike any high cut sneaker, these shoes go well with jeans and cuffed chinos sans socks. On top of their versatility (wearable with polos, shorts and short-sleeve shirts alike), these shoes look good with something like grey washed chinos, to navy blazers, pocket tee and most other outfits you pick as well.

While that outfit might look a bit odd at first thought, the most attractive thing about any pair of clean white sneakers is the finish they lend to any outfit- sophisticated and sharp… yet they are no more than a sneaker- a nice one, at that. When looking for some cool new kicks to add to your existing collection, there is no need to splurge on any other luxury brand. These PF Flyers’ speakers come across as the ideal sneakers for this price point.

The Bottom-line

PF Flyers gets an A for fit, style and comfort and an A+ for making their customers feel like they have picked up incredible unique pair of shoes from one of a kind shoe maker. Overall, the understated look, classic style and undisputed comfort with affordable price will make you want to buy a few more pairs and stack them all in your shoe rack.

Unfollow the Crowd

PF Flyers is celebrating the rule breakers, the true individuals and the innovators. The brand has always backed those that want to step out of the pack and march to the beat of their own drums.

If you do not want to look like everybody else, it is time to join their Unfollow the Crowd initiative and turn your back on the crowd.

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