7 Secrets to Getting the Perfect Landing Page for Your Website

7 Secrets to Get the Perfect Landing Page for Your Website - gearfuse.com

Your website’s home page is not solely sufficient to drive conversions and boost sales. If you spend a lot of money buying online ads, which you most likely would, you need great landing pages for those ads to drive conversions. Here are several tips that will help your business create the perfect landing page to persuade potential customers to make a purchase, subscribe, or share:

1. Write a Catchy Headline

The headline is what visitors see first on almost all landing pages. Therefore, the headline must be compelling and attention grabbing to entice a visitor to continue. Write short headlines that are informative and captivating. Make sure the content of the headline matches the content of the advertisement as well.

2. Design Should be Simple

Landing pages must be optimized to show visitors the information they came to find. To do that, you need a clear and minimalist theme that is free of distractions. Choose a theme that is sleek and emphasizes the importance of components like Call-to-Action buttons and headings. The theme should be easy to navigate, very visually appealing, accessible, and highly mobile responsive.

3. Pay Attention to the Text Copy

After the headline, the text copy should be able to propel visitors towards a sale, sign up, or a subscription. First of all, make sure the text copy is free of silly grammar and spelling errors. Then, aim to keep the sentences short, as brevity is important. Most web and mobile users don’t have long attention spans, so you should be able to command attention with short bursts of information.

4. Create Irresistible CTA Buttons

Ultimately, it’s the CTA buttons that get users to take an action on your landing page, such as adding an item to the shopping cart or signing up for an email newsletter. So, make the CTA button design prominent and very eye-catching to attract clicks. Use action words—like ‘buy now,’ ‘compare,’ ‘download,’ ‘find’ and ‘join’— to drive up conversions and sales.

5. Get Potential Customers to Trust Your Company

Online customers do not make purchases unless you give them plenty of reasons to trust your company. The best way to do this is by offering social proof and authoritativeness in the form of customer reviews and endorsements. Publish customer reviews or testimonials on your landing page to build trust. If you have endorsements from notable figures or certification, they should be on the landing page for potential customers to see.

6. Publish a Killer Hero Image

The hero image is the first image the user sees once the landing page loads. This picture should be big, sleek, and gorgeous enough to catch the eye of a potential customer. Importantly, the hero image should be unique as well to communicate the distinctiveness of your brand. That means you should not use free stock images on your website that a potential customer may have seen at ten other different sites.

7. Increase the Page Loading Speed

Last but not least, your landing page should load quite fast. Market research has shown again and again that abandonment rates are high for a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load on a desktop and more than 5 seconds on a mobile device. So, compress those files and resize images to speed up your landing page.

Finally, you must commit yourself to testing your landing page. You will never know what works until you test landing pages even for simple reasons like a change to the color of CTA buttons. Testing is easy: use two different versions of the same landing page, with one version having the changes, and see which drives the most conversions once online.

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