Peek Unveils Pronto Email Device


We’re no strangers to Peek here at Gearfuse. The original device has gained somewhat of a cult following and has generated enough revenue and buzz for a new device. Today we have that device and it’s called the Peek Pronto. What’s so special about the Pronto? Exchange support and Push email. This is a huge move from Peek that’ll allow it to dive into the business sector and compete against devices like the Blackberry.

Peek has also included a development environment with the Pronto, though I don’t see how far you can an email-only device. Look for the Pronto in stores soon for $80. For all the details, hit the jump.

-push email;
-unlimited email and texting;
-compatibility with Microsoft Exchange;
-ability to view images/PDF/doc files;
-access to up to five email accounts;
-ability to search for emails on the device;
-50% improvement in speed of the software;
-larger font size option.


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