Paving the Way for Efficiency: Why Trout River Trailers are Perfect for Asphalt

The asphalt industry thrives on efficiency and reliability. Every step, from material delivery to laying the final surface, needs to be optimized for both speed and quality. This is where Trout River trailers excel, particularly for paving projects. Trout River’s live-bottom design ensures a consistent flow of materials, promoting efficient paving and exceptional results. Let’s delve deeper into why these asphalt trailers are the perfect choice for asphalt paving.

Predictable Material Control

Trout River trailers leverage a well-established technology – the conveyor belt – to offer a significant advantage over traditional dump trailers. This approach ensures a steady flow of asphalt during unloading, matching the paver’s pace and eliminating the disruptive stop-and-go process. This predictability allows contractors to plan material application more effectively, reducing paver stoppages and contributing to a smoother, higher-quality final product.

Enhanced Maneuverability

Traditional dump trailers can be a challenge on cramped jobsites or under low clearances. They require space to raise their beds and unload, slowing down the process. Trout River trailers excel in these situations. Their conveyor system unloads materials continuously without raising the trailer. This translates to seamless operation under bridges, narrow roads, or other obstacles. The result? Faster unloading, minimized downtime, and overall efficiency gains on any paving project.

Improved Mat Quality

The advantages of Trout River trailers extend beyond efficiency to quality. By eliminating the need to stop for unloading, these trailers mitigate the risk of material segregation and mat imperfections. The continuous, controlled discharge ensures a smooth flow of mix to the paver, minimizing disruptions and maintaining consistent mat quality. Additionally, the absence of surges during unloading further enhances the integrity of the pavement surface, resulting in a superior finished product.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount on any job site, and Trout River trailers prioritize it with their design. The lifting mechanism of traditional dump trailers introduces the risk of rollovers, especially on uneven terrain. Trout River live bottom trailers virtually eliminate this risk due to two key features. First, the trailer bed does not need to be raised, and secondly, the rounded tub design lowers the center of gravity, further enhancing the stability of the trailer. This not only enhances safety but also allows for greater versatility in confined spaces like residential neighborhoods or under low bridges.


Trout River trailers offer substantial cost savings for contractors, both in terms of time and resources. The efficient unloading process reduces material waste and minimizes the need for manual handling, saving both time and labor costs. Moreover, the increased capacity, due to the rounded tub design, and reduced requirement for additional trucks streamline operations, further optimizing project budgets and schedules.

Built to Last and Customizable

Ease of Maintenance: Trout River trailers are built to withstand the demands of paving operations. Bolted-in chain crossbars facilitate easy replacement, minimizing downtime and ensuring cost-effective maintenance. The bolted-on clamp chassis further reduces fatigue and stress on the unit, enhancing the longevity of the trailers.

Tailored for Your Needs: One of the standout features of Trout River Industries’ live bottom trailers is their extensive range of optional features, allowing asphalt contractors to tailor the trailers to their specific needs. Whether it’s a toolbox for convenient storage, work lights for enhanced visibility, an air weigh scale for precise load measurements, or a wireless remote for efficient control, Trout River Industries offers a wide array of customizable options. Businesses can also opt for specialized attachments such as an asphalt chute attachment, or hot asphalt trailer liners.

Sized for the Job: Trout River Industries’ live bottom trailers offer exceptional versatility, available in sizes ranging from 23′ to 53′ in length, with a maximum capacity of up to 67 YD¬≥. This flexibility allows asphalt contractors to select the appropriate live bottom truck body or semi-trailer to suit their unique operational needs.


In conclusion, Trout River live bottom trailers transform asphalt paving into a streamlined and efficient process. From predictable material flow to superior mat quality, exceptional unloading efficiency, and enhanced safety, these trailers offer a significant advantage for contractors in the asphalt industry. With less waste, faster unloading times, and increased capacity, Trout River trailers help paving projects run smoother, faster, and more cost-effectively while providing peace of mind on the jobs.

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