An Overview of the Fiat Doblo

fiat doblo 

The Fiat Doblo is a van as well as a leisure activity vehicle that is produced by Fiat. It was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 2000 and has seen some modifications over the years to make it the impressive panel van that is available today. The Fiat Doblo is available in a variety of sizes in order to fit individual needs. There are also customizable features that can be worked out based on how the van will be used. A breakthrough in automotive technology such as this should pique the interests of marketing enthusiasts like the frequenters of iMedia Connection since a versatile vehicle like the Doblo can be marketed to the public in a number of different ways.

Range and Load Capacity

The Fiat Doblo is available in different ranges that offer different load capacities and ranges. Each variation offers different dimensions and features that make each unique.

The Standard van is the most practical option that has a length of 1,820mm and a load compartment width up to 1,714mm. This van comes with special tyres, a reinforced suspension, and a high-performing brake system. The Maxi van is similar to the standard van but is longer at 2,170mm and a larger payload. The High Roof Van has the same load compartment width and length as the standard van but with additional head space for a more comfortable ride. The Doblo XL is the next step up and has a longer wheelbase and the same high roof as the High Roof Van.

The next variation of the Doblo is the Doblo WorkUp. This is not only bigger in size but also has additional features that make this vehicle better for transporting and general work. The body of the van has a plywood platform along with folding aluminium sideboards as well as a ladder/pole rack complete with load securing hooks. There is also a locked external storage compartment under the load compartment that can be used to hold larger tools (up to two metres long). To accommodate the larger size of this van there is also side access step and folding steps on the sideboard.

Another variation is the chassis cab with load platform. This van was designed to fit specific needs from mobile workshops, refrigerated vans, and other container transporting needs. It comes in both a short wheelbase and long wheelbase version can has a payload of 1,000kg. The van’s body can be made to adapt to fit any necessary body shell.

Performance, Comfort and Safety

The Fiat Doblo is equipped with a 1.3 MultiJet II 90 HP engine that provides a high quality performance, reliability, and quiet running volume. This engine is made to provide lower fuel consumption as well as low running costs (Fiat guarantees 5L/100km). The engine also has a faster fuel injecting system that offers power while still keeping emission levels low.

The Doblo also utilises an independent wheel Bi-link Suspension. This advancement gives the Doblo better driving comfort, more stability, and safety during the loading and unloading process. The suspension on each individual van is calibrated based on the function of the van.

As for comfort, the Doblo has an adjustable steering wheel (for both height and depth), a steering wheel control panel to control the car’s media components, and comfortable adjustable seats. There is also ample leg room.

The interior of the car features convenient storage pockets, a large glove compartment, document clips, an under-ceiling compartment, a radio with CD and MP3 capabilities, Bluetooth technology, voice commands, and a coloured touchscreen.

In terms of safety, the Doblo comes with a braking system composed of a four-sensor ABC with electronic brake force distributor. This system keeps the wheels from locking and offers maximum control of the vehicle under most conditions. There are also parking sensors to prevent the car from hitting objects behind it while backing up and front airbags for additional safety. There is also a whiplash prevention technique that makes the car’s headrests move closer to the riders’ necks upon impact.

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