Next Apple iPhone will be ‘Thinner’ and ‘Lighter’

Apple fans are hungry for any news about the soon-to-be released iPhone, and it looks like Apple’s finally let some info slip. According to some sources, Apple is ordering key components for the new iPhones, which emphasize ‘thinner’ and ‘lighter’ construction.

Aside from these details, there will also apparently be an upgraded 8 megapixel camera on the next iPhone, which is currently scheduled to be released in September.

Other sources have claimed that the new iPhone will use Qualcomm Inc’s wireless chips. Also, it seems that Apple is having some issues with production, which could push back the release date of the new iPhone. Apple has declined to comment on any of this information.

Hopefully Apple will make upgrades to the software and performance hardware as well, besides simply making the new iPhone easier to carry.


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