New Proporta iPod Shuffle Cases get the job done

proporta ipod shuffe caseWhile dropping your new minescule iPod Shuffle won’t break a hard drive platter as dropping an iPod v5 would, damage is still a very possible occurrence. Proporta’s new line of iPod Shuffle cases solve this problem with a casing material of your choice (steel, silicone, or crystal). While all three designs protect the front and back of your Shuffle, only the silicone model also protects your click wheel. One downside to any silicone case you might buy is that it collects dust more than any other material cases are made out of. The Steel case is the sturdiest, and because it is metal, it features a thin layer of padding so as not to scratch the precious Shuffle you are trying so dearly to protect.

The Proporta Shuffle cases succeed in one area where so many others fail, button availability. Far too many cases for objects of all shapes and sizes cover up that one button that they decide you don’t need. But these Shuffle cases do not suffer from this disease; each model allows for access to every button on the device. These cases are not available through the online Apple store; they are only sold directly from Proporta�s website. — Nik Gomez

Proporta iPod Shuffle Cases [via Skater Tech]

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