NASA’s Shuttle Mission Includes Turning Urine into Sports Drink

NASA’s innovative uses for astronaut urine have been the subject of many funny comics, blogs and periodicals. However, their latest use for pee (which is going to be used on the final shuttle mission) may be their best yet — a magic bag that converts urine into a sports drink.

The bag uses forward osmosis to filter urine — or any other liquid — creating pure drinkable water. This water can then be mixed with an electrolyte-rich solution to create a sports drink for thirsty astronauts. The entire process only takes about 4-6 hours. Mmm, delicious.

Since the bag has already been tested on Earth, researchers want the crew of the final NASA shuttle mission to test its usefulness in space. The crew will be performing these experiments towards the end of their mission.

I always thought that lemon-lime Gatorade tasted funny.

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