Narwhal Slippers: Unicorn of the Sea


Have you ever ridden a unicorn? Liar! Don’t even look at me. Go to your room.

Narwhals, the unicorns of the sea. Except narwhals actually exist. And can totally be mounted if you don’t mind an agonizing death. So worth it.

I enjoy a pair of Narwhal slippers as much as the next guy. But these. These are a unicorn of a different color. These are Narwhal HEATED slippers. HEATED SLIPPERS. I don’t settle for any Narwhal footwear that refuses to keep my toes-ys toasty. And you shouldn’t either.

The heating mechanism is powered via a USB plug, which doesn’t sound all that safe considering Narwhals ARE sea creatures. But I guess electrocution is a good of way to day as any, I suppose. Oh! And no slip soles! So you’ll probably still be standing when your friends and family find your charred remains. So there’s always that.

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