Must-have Products for Smart Business Travel

Smart Business Travel

Even at the end of the pandemic, millions upon millions of Americans travel for work. In fact, 1.1 million workers in the U.S. could be catching flights for quick business trips to far-flung destinations. Unlike personal travel, which affords travelers the time they need to relax and enjoy the trip, business travelers are often rushed to plan, pack and be productive at every step of their journey. Thus, business travelers need to equip themselves with the best gadgets for effective and successful travel.

A Smart Suitcase

Every business traveler needs a carry-on suitcase that does it all: fits the size guidelines, wheels easily around the airport, is not terribly heavy and will not crumple under pressure. Away’s The Carry-On does all that and then some. Though technologically smart suitcases were recently banned by the TSA, Away’s carry-on has other smart features that professionals won’t be able to live without, including an internal compression system to fit more in, a TSA-compliant combination lock, a water-resistant laundry bag and a removable battery for tech charging.

A Travel Backpack

Few professionals opt to travel with a backpack, fearing that such luggage looks unprofessional. However, backpacks are much more efficient than other types of additional carry-ons; they can hold items like laptop and tablet computers, business files and notebooks as well as any additional belongings that did not fit in their regular suitcase. Plus, the Nomatic Travel Pack looks and feels deluxe, so professionals can go from plane to meeting without breaking their style.

A Portable Power Bank

One of the worst things that can happen to a business traveller is being stranded away from home with no place to charge their phone, laptop and other tech. Professionals rely on technology to complete their daily tasks and achieve their goals, especially when they are away on a business trip. Thus, having a portable power bank in one’s pocket is essential.

An Electronics Accessories Bag

One’s phone uses a different charging cable from one’s computer, which is again different from other gadgets that might be invaluable during business travel. To keep all those accessories organized and on hand, travelers need an electronic accessories bag, like these from BAGSMART. No larger than a laptop case, these carriers have designated pockets for every type of electronic accessory, so professionals know exactly where to look when they need a cable, a battery or anything else.

A Virtual Private Network

For businesses, the importance of cybersecurity is at an all-time high. More cyberattacks are targeting organizations, which have more money and more data for criminals to benefit from. Thus, professionals need to be extra careful how they connect to the internet while they are out of office. A virtual private network (VPN) is a digital tool that hides a user’s location and IP address from anyone watching network traffic, thereby keeping corporate secrets safe. Usually, companies will pay for VPN services, as they are essential tools for doing business.

Most business professionals have some of their expenses covered by a corporate travel budget, but it can be difficult for travelers and the company’s accounting department to keep track of travel costs. Travel spend management software, like Coupa Travel, makes it much easier for organizations to understand where their travel budget is going, which means travelers can better control their expenses on the road.

A Portable Garment Steamer

No professional wants to arrive at their important trip meeting looking rumpled and wrinkled from travel. A garment steamer, like this gorgeous model from KEXI, can release even the most stubborn wrinkles in minutes, allowing professionals to look perfectly put-together even after a day on a plane or in a car.

A Collapsible Water Bottle

The dry air of airports and planes compounded with the need to rush from here to there during a short business trip means that many traveling professionals are perpetually dehydrated. The Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is lightweight and flexible, so it will fit easily into any bag. When filled with water, the bottle is as comfortable to hold as a hard-sided bottle. For travelers looking to increase their water intake, this is the best solution for staying hydrated on-the-go.

With the right tools, business travel can be easy and fun. Professionals should equip themselves with the products listed above to ensure success during their next business trip.

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