Mount a 21″ TV on your sunglasses


The problem with traditional head-mounted display is that they’re usually too big, it’s either the battery that’s too heavy to carry, or the eye piece that prevents you from seeing what’s going on around. This is even more frustrating for those who wear specs, because you cannot put on both at the same time.

A small Japanese company Arisawa seemed to have gotten it right with their new i-Beam portable TV. The eyepiece is so small that it can be stuck on any of you spectacles or sunglasses. The 800×225 pixels LCD is able to simulate a 21″ TV screen one meter in front of you. The eyepiece is linked to a remote controller which also houses the battery. You can hook that up with your DVD players via the AV-out line if you wish.

The full set of i-bean weights about 80g, the battery is good for 2 hours of TV. Arisawa will start shipping this week, suggested retail price is $350. —Sam Chan


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