Motorized Rollerblades: Gets you from point A to point B


Here’s a cool little mod we found while surfing the waves of tubes. Ross from Random Good Stuff won these cool Motorized Rollerblades on eBay for only AU$100. Here are the specs of these hacked wheels (the curious and maybe subliminal numbering of the list hereafter is not our creation, but the source’s):

1) Engine: Two-Stroke, 25.65cc,HUASHENG engine (The best 2-stroke engine in China)
2) Horse Power: 1.5@8,000rpm
3) Acceleration, via handheld throttle: 0-20mph (approx. top speed) : 17 seconds.
4) Ignition: CDI
4) Carburation: Diaphragm w/purge pump
6) Fuel: Premixed, Unleaded
7) Fuel Capacity: 15 oz.
8) Running Duration: 1- 1.5 hrs.
9) Maximum Speed: approx. 20 mph.
10) Cruise Speed: 10 mph.
11) Maximum Carry Capacity: 300 lbs.
12) Wheel Type: 77.5 m.m. Inline stock
13) Bearings: ABEC 5
14) Boot: Pro-tec, hard boot, buckle closure.
14) Braking: Rear Drag

Nice. We’re going to have to keep a closer eye on eBay if you can get stuff that’s this cool. — Andrew Dobrow


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