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It can be hard to choose exactly which casino game to play since there are so many different options available. This decision making time can eat into your playing time, and that means less chance of having fun (and maybe even less chance of winning). So it’s useful to know which are the most popular casino games overall – you can go straight to these and not have to waste any time trying to make a difficult decision. 


Blackjack has always been a popular game to play at the casinos, and this is likely to be because it has a bit of everything. It has the excitement of a game of chance, and the glamour and sophistication of something you see in a movie. It is easy to play and there are few rules to learn, but it looks impressive when you are watching (or being watched). Plus, the house edge is relatively small, so you can often do rather well at the blackjack table, bringing in at least what you paid out in a lot of cases. 

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There are, of course, a number of different blackjack variations to think of, and these often have a much higher house edge. Just bear in mind which version of the game you are playing, and you can enjoy yourself betting against the dealer. 


Slots are probably the very first game that anyone who enters a casino, either online or offline, is going to try their hand at. You can play without any kind of skill required whatsoever, which means the game is open to anyone who might want to give it a go. Plus you can also play very cheaply – just a penny is all that is needed in some games to spin. Of course, the more you pay the more you could potentially win, but in terms of the best value for money, the slots are usually the option to go for.


If you’re one of the many people who find watching the roulette wheel spinning and the ball clack-clattering around it looking for a place to land, you’re not alone. And you might find that playing this extremely popular game is just as much fun as watching it. Plus, of course, when it’s your money on the line it is often much more of a thrill! 

There are two different types of roulette – European and American. In European roulette there is only one 0, and in American there are two. This means the house edge in American roulette is slightly higher. It’s useful to know which type of game you are playing, but remember roulette is still just a game of chance that should be enjoyed, not stressed about.


It may come as something of a surprise but most casino games don’t require any skill or knowledge to play. Poker is different and this might account for its popularity. You do need to know what the cards mean and what different card combinations will do. You need to know if you have a good hand or not, and whether your opponents’ hands have beaten yours or not when they lay them down. 

This skill comes with time, practice, and experience, so be careful if you decide to sit down at a game of poker right away. With the right knowledge, though, poker can be a lot of fun and certainly worth doing.

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