Most Asked Questions In Hearthstone Battlegrounds

In this article, I will cover the most common questions in Hearthstone Battlegrounds that beginners ask on a regular basis. So I expect that article is probably going to help out a lot of people. And also the answers I give to these questions are very often just exactly the same, so hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Do you have any tips for specific ranks?

So, let’s get into these three questions and their replies. First of all, a lot of people always ask “I’m ranked 5000. Is there any specific tips for me to improve?”. I can give you a hundred different tips, I can tell you to level faster, I’m going to tell you to play grittier, I can tell you to take discord and other stuff…like there is an entire book that I can open with a bunch of tips that I have for battlegrounds. And also tips are not like attached to a rank. It’s not because you’re ranked 5000 that you need these tips, then rank 7000 that you need that tips. Like they’re not attached to how good you are at the game. Everyone has different play styles and most importantly everyone has different flaws. If you’re ranked 5000, you might be stuck there because you don’t level enough or because you don’t take discord enough. So I can’t know what is holding you back, so people that ask this general question of “Do you have any tips for that or this rank?”. No! Because I don’t know what tips you need. The only tip I can give you is to be more specific and look at your flaws. Be more specific, because if you ask specific questions, you get specific answers that are actionable, and that will instantly help you to improve your skills. So, a question like “Should I level on 6 gold on this hero?”. Then I can start reasoning with you. Okay, what does your board look like? What is in the lobby? Do you have a triple frozen? What is your matchup? Those things all play into account. Many players seek the help of professional Hearthstone players for hs boosting to try their strength against more skilled opponents. Now you can start digging deeper and then get to the roots of the problem. So, try and identify your flaws. If your rank, I don’t care what your rank is. If whatever rank, just see what you struggle with. Like it is keeping up with the lobby power level. Or it is your late game tacking and positioning. Or it is getting your buddy on time. Identify what you should work on and then ask for tips for that. That is going to get you a lot more progress. It is going to help you skyrocket into higher ranks. Instead of just asking “Do you have any tips for me?”. This seems very basic but this is actually the most frequent question, I’m pretty sure. 

Is Rank = Time?

The second question is “Is this rank good for this amount of time?”. People ask something like is rank 4000 good for playing for two weeks? Or is rank 8000 good for that if I’ve been playing for three months? It really depends on your definition of good. Everyone has a different view of what is good for them. Like from what rank are you a good player? For me, it’s Top 200. If you’re on the leaderboard, you’re a good player. Other people just want to be top than a half percent of the people, then you’re a good player.  Sure, others might say, If you’re in the top 25, then you’re a good player. Or if you’re In the top five percent, you’re good. Or just only be better than my friend who is this rank, so then I’m good. I don’t know. Everyone will give a different answer to this question. So, it seems kind of pointless to ask this question to someone else and their view of what is good because a lot of streamers that you will ask will say leaderboard probably.  And if you have trouble knowing what exactly is the five percent or one percent, here is right now in Hearthstone replay what that looks like:

  • Top 1% is apparently 9200 MMR 
  • Top 5% is 7300 MMR
  • Top 20% is 6300 MMR
  • Top 50% is 5200 MMR

Keep in mind that also it depends on when you ask this question. Because if you ask this later in the season things are moving up. If you ask this at the start of the season, things are down. Ranks constantly shift and there are always some differences in how much MMR you need to be at a certain level. Leaderboard literally shifts like a thousand or more in about a week when the leaderboard is released. So that, I couldn’t give you a concise answer but I can’t. To me, you’re a good player if you are in the top 1 percent. Sure if you have 9200 MMR. But you’re still a good player if you’re until 50. That means you’re doing something right. It means you understand the fundamentals of the game. You’re a good player for the top five percent, which means you can position well, tech well, have a good end game. So just find your definition of good and then, I guess, you could slap a number on it. But don’t care about your rank, it’s just a number. Just have fun with the game and you’ll improve over time. You will see your rank climb! Your rank should not be your goal at all.

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