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Playing online gambling games is slowly becoming a massive trend as interactive gaming sites have begun multiplying at an incredible pace. Per the most recent estimates, this industry should start pulling annual revenues of close to $160 billion in the next seven years. The main factors contributing to its rise include widespread smartphone adoption and increased internet penetration.

Promotional deals and game variety also fuel this sector’s meteoric rise. Hundreds of sites now advertise themselves as the home to the best casino bonus, and the number of interactive gambling products has already surpassed the twenty-thousand mark. Therefore, there is no shortage of casino promos and games on the internet. While this industry’s initial gaming options were crude copies of land-based slots, things have now changed. Today, operators have moved to feature innovative products that incorporate the latest technology. They are also attempting to move past the luck-based gameplay model.

NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest – VR Slot

Newcomers to online slots can rarely wrap their heads around the notion that the popularity of products in this genre stems mainly from their connection to promotions and not their playability. An exception to this rule is Gonzo’s Quest, NetEnt’s legendary reel spinner, released in 2013. This medium to high variance game introduced the Avalanche mechanic and somewhat innovated slot gameplay by debuting a novel feature.

Eight years after its initial appearance, Swedish developer NetEnt decided that it was time to get with the times and give this super established game a tech-makeover by bringing it into the world of Virtual Reality gaming. Gonzo’s Quest VR slot boasts similar game specs as its predecessor, but it features immersive 3D environments, the kind this genre has never before seen. VR gaming made its online gambling debut in 2016, with Microgaming’s VR Roulette, when everyone thought that Oculus Rift was about to take video gaming by storm.

Betsoft’s Max Quest Series

Fish table games are massive screens mounted on billiard-sized tables that have multiple joystick consoles. The latter lets players control different cannons for shooting fish and other creatures swimming in an aquatic setting. The rarer the beasts a player shoots, the more prizes he attains. These products got established in US arcades, where they got allowed due to their categorization as skill-based gambling. Though, many now contest this claim, saying that skill can only negligibly lower their house edge.

Slot provider Betsoft was the first interactive gaming developer that morphed this genre, catering it to modern online casino patrons. Their first Max Quest game hit platforms in October 2018, and it was an Egypt-themed mummy shooter. Since then, Betsoft has developed four sequels which have all been super successful. 

Evolution’s Crazy Time

Evolution Gaming is undoubtedly the king of live dealer games. That has been so since 2009. In 2017, this Riga-based iGaming brand decided to add a new spin to their live lobby by introducing DreamCatcher, a Wheel of Fortune-like gaming product that kicked off their game show series. In many gamblers eyes’, it is the only company that can afford to run such products due to their high production value.

Crazy Time got announced at the 2020 ICE London Expo, reaching gaming sites in July of that year. Many call it a super-enhanced version of Big Six (Wheel of Fortune), as it mixes RNG and dealer gameplay. Crazy Time incorporates green screen technology to infuse this gaming experience with Tim Burton-inspired visuals and stunning 3D models. Currently, it is the costliest online gambling game, featuring multiple studio sets.

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