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A few years ago the concept of using mobile technology to complete everyday tasks in the home would have been considered incredible, but the technology is evolving all the time, and there are now many things a person can do with the help of their smartphone. People are looking for ways to make life easier all the time, and luckily there are companies out there that are racing to create the next big innovation for technology-loving homeowners.

New technology for the home

Homes have improved a great deal over the years. We are now able heat our homes more efficiently, and there are plenty of modern appliances designed to cut the stress of everyday life. For example, many homes now have heating thermostats that can be set to a timer, but even this has evolved in recent years. There are thermostats that can learn heating preferences over time and adjust accordingly. They are also able to sense when a person is at home and make further adjustments. They can be controlled through iPhone Apps so that even when a person is at work, they can adjust the temperature in their home.

Apple has caused something of a stir with home entertainment and technology. The iPhone, for example, has been designed to combine the features of the iPod and iPad with a smartphone. A standard iPod can now store hundreds of thousands of songs, and furniture manufacturers have seen the possibilities for this, creating items, such as the iPod bed and docking stations, which allow music to be enjoyed without the need to put the earphones in.

Future possibilities

The use of technologies, such as the cloud and Wi-Fi, will be able to help create an “automated” home that can be organized at the touch of a button from a smartphone. One technology currently in the pipeline is the home door lock that can be operated from a mobile phone. The technology would work with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that the door would unlock as the owner approached. There are some similar locks already on the market, but these are mainly used on commercial premises.

One option that would be attractive to the homeowner is the mobile-operated refrigerator. The appliance could be programmed to know what is inside and send information to your smartphone to create a shopping list when items are running low. It has also been suggested that it will be able to help your smartphone search for recipes for the items it holds, and inform the family when certain things should be disposed of.

It seems that the possibilities are endless for the future of home technology. How about controlling light bulbs with an App? One remote control that can operate all appliances and entertainment systems? With the technology evolving so fast, it seems that the world does not have to wait long to find out what the next big innovation is, but for those who want to make the most of the technology, even a short wait could be too long.

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