Meizu MusicCard: Sleek meets slim

meizu musiccard

Things are really starting to get exciting in the tech world, do you realize that? With the creation of the MusicCard, we will all now be able to own MP3 players, only slightly thicker then the average credit card and about the same length. The next step of electronic and personal identification is on it’s away. I can smell the workings of tech companies in the air. Meizu’s MusicCard (M3), is Meizu’s answer to the ipod nano, except possibly cooler, and much more unique. At 6.9mm thick, the M3 only has a .9mm thicker body then the nano (and a much tighter ass).

The M3’s long battery life of 20 hours, is impressively 19 hours longer then the amount of time my carnival-won goldfish lived after it was in welcomed to my home (I miss you, Goldy. We only had a short time together, and I was only 7, but I fell in love.). The sound quality on Meizu’s previous models is superior, and the M3 is said to have even broader of a sound field, which will be interesting to hear. The display and OS remind me of the newer Creative Zen models with their blue backgrounds and progress bars. With better sound quality then the Zen’s, and with the option of a 2, 4, or 8GB storage unit, the M3 looks like one badass gadget. — Andrew Dobrow

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