Maximizing a Casino Bonus — Picking the Right Games

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An increasingly large number of online bonuses are available for players at casinos. Players are now rather proficient at picking out the good bonuses from the bad. In fact, many of the best welcome offers can be found right here, including free spins and deposit bonuses.

However, while they may choose a good bonus, not all players are able to utilize the casino bonus properly. And we’re not talking about the different terms and conditions attached to the bonus, but which games players opt for when using the promotion. Often overlooked, the game chosen can majorly impact whether or not a promotional offer becomes successful in the player’s hands. Here’s what players often miss.

Searching for a high RTP

Many players know about the house edge. This is the percentage that the casino is going to win and, in the long run, the house, or the casino, always wins. But there are some games with a lower house edge. And players can jump onboard these games and utilize best casino welcome offers or once they have claimed a bonus.

Some games have a very high RTP or return to player rate. It’s calculated over hundreds of spins or rounds. It means that players have a higher chance of walking away with some winnings than games with lower RTPs. These days, players should be looking to play games with at least a 96% or higher RTP.

So, what does this mean exactly? Well, if a player spends $100 over a period of play on the same game, which has an RTP of 93%, they can reasonably expect to get back $93 at the end. A game with a 96% RTP means it is more likely for players to get $96 back at the end of gameplay. As such, players won’t lose as much as an RTP of 93%.

Game types that have high RTPs include video poker, blackjack, French roulette and different slot games. Each slot is different, and game providers will list the RTP clearly so that players can actually check this out for themselves.

High or low volatility?

Another key game feature is the volatility level. If players use this wisely, volatility knowledge can be put to great effect when playing games with a bonus. Low volatility games are those that will pay out regularly. However, they won’t pay out much each time and have low bet limits. This type of game is an excellent way to start when using a bonus. It won’t take up much of the bonus bankroll to play and in fact, will add to it regularly, albeit in small increments.

In contrast, high volatility games will have long dry periods without a win at all. Then, when a win lands, it can be huge. Playing this type of game later on when there’s a bankroll build up can really help players meet any outstanding wagering requirements. Opting for a mix of the two will also help players manage their bankroll more effectively, while aiming to meet the wagering requirements.

Go big or go home

Though it may sound slightly counterintuitive, it is often a good idea to pick games that have high bet limits. This means players can place larger bets at one time. With a larger bet, there is the potential for a bigger win. That being said, players need to take this approach with care, as it can mean losing the entire bankroll very quickly.

Skill over luck

While it is always tempting to play easy games such as slots, especially for bonuses, it can be better to go for a skill-based game. These games give players more control over the outcome. If players are practiced at the skill-based game in question, such as blackjack or poker, there are more chances for the player to tip the balance in their favor and score a win.

Of course, some bonuses, such as free spins, can only be played on slots, which are luck-based games. Players will simply have to ensure they are choosing high RTP slots when taking on these spins.

Last words

Players have a number of key decisions to make when taking on bonuses. While not guaranteed to provide a successful outcome, using these strategies will definitely improve those chances.

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