Map-Equipped Treadmill Takes You On A Hike Without Leaving Your Man Cave

Why even bother leaving the house these days? You can work from home, order our groceries from home. I mean, the internet has really revolutionized our entire culture. And now, the Map-Equipped Treadmill, properly known as the NordicTrack X7i Incline Trainer, shifts and inclines depending on the actual topography of the terrain you set as your own custom hiking route.

Feel like taking a trip across the curvy roadways of San´┐ŻFrancisco? Or maybe a simple race across Azeroth? Well, good luck with that! I’m more apt to choose some corn field in Iowa. No corn stalks included though… please. For around $2000, you too can set your very own hiking course from the comfort of your sacred man cave.

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