Making the Outdoors Truly Great — Terrific Camping Innovations

A typical life time will have at least one memory of a totally botched camping trip. Like the time your tent leaked so much you woke up with it sticking to your wet hair, or the poignancy of pouring your canvas palace forth from its tarpaulin sheath to find some crucial ingredient missing, like the tent poles. Camping was once a way of reminding ourselves that without our home comforts, we really are quite primitive creatures, but in 2014, things have moved on. Here’s some kit that might just reignite your passion for sleeping under the stars.

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Have a seat

They might seem a bit of a luxury item when packing, but when you’re kneeling in the mud, nursing a wet behind, or leaning awkwardly over the campfire on one leg, you’ll wish you’d brought some good quality camping chairs. Whether it’s a mini tripod to raise you those critical eight inches above aching knees or a full-on, reclining throne, in order to toast marshmallows, drink a beer and tell spooky campfire stories.

And… lift off!

Even with a roll mat, it’s hard to get warm when your body is in direct contact with the cold, hard ground. Luckily, there are some tents out that even mimic nature with a spiderweb structure. You can ratchet them between three trees in just ten minutes, perfect for forest camping expeditions.

Sleep soft and savvy

For those who like to starfish, sprawl and wriggle in bed, a conventional sleeping bag feels horribly restrictive. Enter the sleeping bag suit, a hybrid of onesie and comforter that’s like wearing a duvet as clothes. It even has little pockets to keep your valuables safe, and ankle straps to allow for trip-free night journeys.

Supercharge your gadgets

We all need one home comfort, and most people will argue that with a built in torch, camera, music player and E-reader, the smartphone might be the Swiss Army Knife of the 21st century. Until, that is, it runs out of juice. Keep nights bright with the Goal Zero Lighthouse, a nifty lantern that you can plug USB devices into for an emergency energy boost. Because that next level of Angry Birds just won’t wait ‘til morning.

When you strike out for the wilderness, don’t deprive yourself of the glorious tech at your disposal in 2014. Trade your miserable childhood camping memories for a trip of a lifetime.

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