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itx laptop

We aren’t talking about some half-ass barebones kit or a build your own toy set. The “ITX-Laptop” is a step by step how-to on how to make your own laptop based on the design of this project.

Not only can you make it yourself, but the laptop is said to be just as powerful as a desktop computer. Sure, it’s larger then a normal notebook, but the added space is shown to be acceptable when you see its performance. Packing in a 1GB RAM and a 2 Ghz processor, making for one fast ass laptop.

Mini-ITX continues to say that the laptop project could of been made into a much more compact space, more “laptop sized”, but that the needed hardware to get the portable power they wanted, was going to be a tight squeeze.

Our only concern would be for its size. When a laptop is this large, does it still count as a laptop? When does a laptop stop being suitable for your lap?

itx laptop

itx laptop

itx laptop

Andrew Dobrow

ITX Laptop [via Hack A Day]

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