Luxury Eco-Friendly House prototype


The Stewart Milne Group has revealed their design prototype for a luxury house which is environmentally healthy as well. The house is equipped with wind mill turbines, a chimney solar panel, and devices for water conservation. The Milne built house will be a totally carbon free powered dwelling. The house has upper floor terrace balconies to enhance the amount of outdoor room in urban areas and super insulated walls for optimal heat and energy use.

The Milne Group says that the design of this house is to demonstrate that eco-friendly homes with low to zero carbon emissions is possible for an affordable production price. The flexible interior spaces allow for easy alterations without affecting the structural soundness. The renewable energy sources allow the house to be a luxury quarter for the green man. The evironmental add ons do add an additional 20% on to the price of the house, but for saving the planet, that’s hardly something to stick your nose up at. — Andrew Dobrow

Company project Page [Stewart Milne Group, via Luxist]

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