Lunar Lander for sale on eBay


This Lunar Lander look alike is available for sale on eBay. You are paying for the vehicle and the chance to compete in the X-Prize Foundations, Lunar Lander Contest. Where designs are judged on their load capacity and hover height and length of time airborne.

The grand prize for the best lander is $1,000,000. Is it worth the $199,000 Buy It Now price? We’re no rocket scientists, but the lander looks damn cool. Just better hope the damn thing wins you your money back. Another prize offers $350,000, so you might just profit from buying this thing.

The auction clarifies the winnings as so:

What the high bidder wins:

  • The actual Lauryad I vehicle. It will be delivered after the conclusion of the contest, win or lose. The contest continues until all prize money is won, so if there is no winner this year, we will compete until it�s over, at which time you take home the lander.
  • 50% of the total prize money won by either of the landers. First prize for Level I is $350K and Grand Prize for Level II is $1M. If both landers win, the high bidder will receive $675K.
  • Their name/logo and or graphic on two sides on both vehicles. This is a high profile event which will receive TV news and documentary air time, in addition to lots of web coverage.
  • Two round trip tickets from anywhere in the continental US to Las Cruces plus lodging for a week during the contest, to see your Lunar Lander compete.

High bidder is welcome anytime to view and participate in the construction and testing of his/her lander. A truly unique opportunity.

Seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity for sure. — Andrew Dobrow
Auction Site [eBay, via UberReview]

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