Local Link Building: What It Is and How It Works

Have you heard of local link building? You definitely know about SEO, but did you know that local link building can be far more important if your business has a physical location tied to it?

Not only will this short guide teach you what it is, but you will also, by the end of the article, know how you can make it work for your business!

What Is Local Link Building?

Link building is when websites create a series of connections between each other. For example, if a website that discusses local businesses has a hyperlink on the page that connects to your website, congratulations, that’s a backlink to your website.

And these backlinks serve a very important role in promoting your website because when you have backlinks from high-quality sites, they act as a positive reference for your website to search engines. This, in turn, brings your page higher up the listings and makes you more visible.

Plus, you have a popular website that is driving organic traffic to your website.

Keeping It Local

Now, getting your website onto a massive international website is great and all, but what if you offer a local service or you want to build stronger roots where you are based, that is when local SEO and local backlinks become super important.

A great way to start is by setting up a Google My Business profile. Google My Business gives your customers a super-easy way to promote your business, from writing reviews, sharing pictures, and providing a reliable, up-to-date resource to keep customers informed, GMB is the perfect free way to quickly boost your business.

How To Create Local Backlinks

There are a couple of ways to do this ranging from easy and quick to high effort. Let’s look at a couple of each to get you started.

1. Social Media Profiles

Making a profile on Facebook or Instagram might not strike you as a local backlink, but there are things you can do to promote your business locally.

Make sure to complete your profile and add your location. Then do a quick search for local pages and interact with them or some local hashtags.

2. Local Business Directories

We may not rely on the old yellow pages anymore, but there are plenty of online business directories that could promote your business.

This is a fantastic way to get a very reputable link to your business in a place where people are likely to go looking for your services.

3. Forums, Local Bloggers, Newspapers, Influencers

The world of business has never relied on the internet like it does today. Bloggers and influencers can make a massive difference in boosting your business like never before.

Think about your audience and where they are likely to spend their time, do they read newspapers and local forums on community sites, or are they watching their favorite Insta model. Find where your customers will be and spend time and effort building relationships in the right area to get your business promoted.

For more information on how to boost your local SEO, TheHoth.com has an incredible local SEO guide to help you get noticed.

Get To Work

Local link building doesn’t have to be difficult, but really understanding the ranking factors to make a positive change takes consistent effort. Start with the points above and then come back if you need a refresher. 

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