Lincoln Navigator: Get the Grandest Lincoln SUV Used, for Less

When you need to transport a large number of people in the most style possible, there’s probably no better vehicle than the Lincoln Navigator. Larger than all full-sized SUVs and appointed with more luxury features, it set the standard years ago and hasn’t looked back.


Many dealerships today selling used Lincoln cars will have a wide amount of options of Navigators from different years, and at different trim levels. This way, you can get all the features you need, but don’t need to pay for anything necessary. Read on for an ode to the Lincoln Navigator, the grandest SUV of them all.

Discover the opulence of the Lincoln Navigator, a symbol of luxury in SUVs. While ideal for large groups and luxury seekers, consider exploring used Mercedes Benz SUVs for sale for a blend of sophistication and value, ensuring an elegant, feature-rich driving experience without compromising on style or quality.

Firsts for Lincoln

The Lincoln Navigator was smashing records from the moment it came on the scene in 1997 — the Navigator is the manufacturer’s first non-limo to seat more than six people, and it still offers more cargo space than any other Lincoln.

Its scale both in terms of physical size and degree of luxury helped Lincoln to achieve an important benchmark: for the first time ever, the manufacturer outsold its perennial rival in American luxury auto-making, Cadillac.

Redesigns over the Years

Since its inception the Navigator was based on the Ford Expedition, in terms of the bodyshell and chassis, only with more luxury and extra trimmings. This has been the underlying model, while the years have seen various improvements to the engine as well as design improvements.

As far back as 2011, the Navigator came standard with HD Radio, Sirius TravelLink, and LincolnSync on every trim. For this reason, even old Navigators are loaded with technology to make any driver entertained and keep them safe.

Today’s Lincoln Navigator adopted some of the features of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, as well as an aluminum body construction. Shopping for a used Navigator is a great way to great a premium luxury SUV for less, but check on the year to make sure that the design features match what you’re looking for.

Today’s Navigator

Today’s Lincoln Navigator is still the cornerstone of the manufacturer’s luxury SUV offerings, as it’s the largest and most grandly appointed. Beyond offering more cargo space or leg room than any other Lincoln, the latest improvements designed to meet today’s lofty tech standards will only impress.

The vehicle itself is a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot that connects up to 10 devices to the internet at the same time, so everyone in the car can keep connected and entertained on long drives. Filled with advanced safety features to make parking easier and keep you safer on the road, you’ll drive with more confidence than ever. There’s even an available 360-degree camera, so you can see everything on the road, even if it’s in your blind spot.

The Lincoln Navigator caused a sensation when it hit the market, and the latest models live up to that hype. Find a local, family-owned car dealership with friendly service and a huge selection of models, and you can get this classic luxury SUV today for less.

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