Latest Marketing Trends on Instagram

Online marketing on Instagram has become an immensely popular way to promote one’s brand and reach out to the audience. Earlier, Instagram was not a leading business promotion platform. It was mostly used for posting images, videos, and connecting with others across the globe. The platform has changed a lot now and with an account on Instagram you can successfully promote your business. With developed features, Instagram has evolved into a hub of digital marketing. With the increase of social media influencers, multiple brands have been efficiently promoting their products or services, leading to brand awareness and proper online marketing. 


What are the Latest Marketing Trends?

Though Instagram is continuously evolving, and no one knows what new features would be updated again. Here is a list of the latest marketing trends on Instagram, which would help one out with their brand promotion and marketing.

  • Swipe-Up Link in Instagram Stories

One of the quickest ways to make the audience aware of your website, or your products, is by using the Swipe Up feature by attaching the link of your website to the Instagram Story. If you post a story related to the product you mean to sell, add a link to it directly. This makes the audience more interested, and they end up swiping up the story and looking through the product and the website.

  • Giveaways & Contests

Many brands conduct giveaways and contests to win gifts, where a user needs to tag other users as many they can, which results in the promotion of the brand. This has become one of the latest trends, where a brand can promote themselves with the help of Instagram users, which is exceptionally affordable and profitable.

  • Creating Polls in Instagram Stories

Through polls, you would be able to directly interact with the audience and know what they wish to see more. This is helpful, as this would let you know what your audience is more interested in and help you get an insight. Try creating polls, and giving options to the audience, and find out what they want you to sell.

  • News on New Product Launch

You can quickly gather several Instagram users by putting up stories regarding new product launches. The audience would be excited, and they would eagerly wait for the next news related to the product launch, or for any upcoming stories associated with the same.

  • Social Media Influencers

Brand promotion has become more comfortable with social media influencers promoting the products. Many brands make a paid partnership with the leading social media influencers, and they create digital content on the platform, to attract the audience. This has become the most lucrative trend on Instagram when it comes to online promotion.

If you are new to the entire domain of Instagram marketing, and how it works, then the trends mentioned above would help you out through the brand promotion, and reaching out to the target audience. The latest marketing trends have made Instagram the most accessible social media platform for online marketing. They have allowed the brands as well as social media influencers to interact with the audience and promote the products.

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