Lab Created Engagement Rings – Why is it Worth Choosing Lab Grown?

Engagement rings

With the long history of mined diamonds as the gold standard for engagement rings, why should anyone consider a lab created engagement ring?

When we think of the bridal jewelry industry and the history of that industry, it might be easier to adopt the attitude, “If it isn’t broken, why fix it?”.  However, we now know many things we didn’t know before.  Namely, we know that diamond mining can be associated with violence and conflict.  We’ve also learned more about the massive amount of disruption to the earth for the relatively very small numbers of viable, jewelry-grade diamonds that are acquired in that process.  New information is coming to light about the child labor that is often used in the cutting and polishing process of mined diamonds.

The other thing that has changed is that scientific advances have now achieved ethical and responsible lab-created diamonds that produce beautiful, conflict free and eco-friendly options. These lab created diamonds are identical in every way to mined diamonds.  The chemical make-up, physical properties such as hardness, and optical properties are all exactly the same for lab created diamonds as they are for mined diamonds.  We simply are able to offer concrete details on the entire history of your sparkling symbol of love that are unmatched by any diamonds sourced from mining.  Mined diamonds aren’t always sourced in conflict, but the lack of tracking available for them makes it impossible to have complete peace of mind regarding most stones. Another fortunate aspect that accompanies the creation of lab grown diamonds is that they are less costly than their mined counterparts of equivalent cut, color, clarity and carat weight.

One allegation made by retailers that offer only mined diamond options has been that lab grown diamonds are “fake”.  Technological advances have allowed us to create more and more in a controlled laboratory setting.  We can see now that lab grown diamonds are no more “fake” than ice made in a freezer is fake as compared to ice that is frozen outdoors in a lake.  When a given lab created item displays the same chemical, physical and optical properties as its naturally occurring counterparts, the correct label is “synthetic”.  This indicates that while man-made, the item is identical to its naturally occurring counterparts, while a fake is not.

With all of the information available to us, it is easy to see why many couples are now choosing lab created engagement rings.  Lab created diamonds offer the opportunity to present a symbol of love that is as beautiful in its origin as it is in its appearance.

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