Kid Drops DSi Into Gorilla Enclosure at Zoo, Photography Captures the Result

“You got Donkey Kong on this thing?” A boy at the San Francisco Zoo accidentally dropped his Nintendo DSi XL into the gorilla enclosure, resulting in the corruption of at least a pair of gorillas’ fragile brains. As you can tell from the photography captured from the scene, the gorilla proceeded to pick up the DSi and play around with it for a while.

After the DSi had been passed around and crushed to the gorillas’ liking, a zookeeper eventually recovered the banged-up drool-covered console by distracting the ape with an apple. Surprisingly, the console was still working once it was returned to the boy, despite the atrocities it was privy to in the gorilla enclosure. It’s a day this DSi will never forget. It’ll surely remember never to look in the eyes of a primate again.

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