Kenwood HD10GB7 for picky ears

kenwood hd 10gb7

Here’s Kenwood’s answer to iPod. Why do we care? Well, I am going to tell you that this is the smallest harddisk-based media player in the world. We’re not talking about 1,2,4 or 8GB, we’re talking about a 10GB. So you have a 1″ HDD and a square color screen packed into the 62x44x17mm package with 24 hours of juice. What you wouldn’t expect are the “Clear Digital Amp” and “Supreme Sound Engine” technologies built in, these are supposed to smooth out some audio compression artifact. So far, all professional reviews have come back quite positive. Oh the best part is that Kenwood does not force you to install any annoying softwares, you can simply drag your music across your Windows Explorer. If you are a goodie goodie, you can still use the Windows Media Player to manage your WM DRM10 files. The Kenwood Media Keg HD10GB7 is retailing for about 450 USD in Japan today, as usual the company has no plans to export such great device. Sam Chan

Kenwood Japan Kenwood HD10GB7 Product Page.

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