KENT CamEye – Is It the Best Car Location Tracker in India?

India is expanding its road connectivity by building new highways, underpass, flyovers, and more. The reason for such expansive developments in the nation is due to increase connectivity and rising number of vehicles on the road. The middle-class sector is booming and becoming more financially stable to afford cars that they can purchase. 

Kent cameye

However, with the increasing non-commercial vehicles on the roads, the threats have also escalated. This raises the demand for more car location tracker in India that can cater to the demand of the customer for their need for security on the roads. To meet the demands, there are various car location tracker in Indian market that have emerged with multiple features that promise to keep you, your family, and your vehicle safe & secure. 

These car security systems have various features that they claim to encompass to make your vehicle safer. However, these devices lack major features that qualify them to be a 360-degree security system. One top player that is power packed with features and is the best car location tracker in India is KENT CamEye. It is an omnipresent device that ensures that your family and your vehicle are safe from any harm that are present on the Indian roads. 

What Makes KENT CamEye the Best Car Location Tracker

  • Designed and Engineered in India

KENT CamEye is a device that has been designed and engineered in India, keeping in mind the needs and demands of the people on the Indian roads. Other devices in the markets claim to be created by international designers, this might sound fancy but doesn’t meet the needs of Indians. The features of KENT CamEye are such that the Indian car owners can rely on it to meet the Indian pain points.

  • Sends Intelligent Alerts 

KENT CamEye is a device that has multiple AI based smart alerts that you can customize to your liking and preference. Notifications are sent on your mobile as alerts when specific parameters set by you are breached in your vehicle. Some of these smart alerts include geo-fencing, over-speeding, unknown driver detection, engine ideal, AC on, and much more. These smart alerts are bound to keep you assured that your loved ones and vehicle are in safe hands.

  • A Customer-Friendly Device

KENT CamEye is an easy to install device that you can equip in your car by following a comprehensive guide. Apart from being an easy to install device, you can also easily access the data from anywhere on the globe through the app on your mobile. The KENT CamEye app is easy to download and a user-friendly device. Even before purchasing the device, you can book a free demo, and a customer representative will visit you to take you through the device.

  • Data Storage Cloud Backup

The most common problem amongst most car location tracker in India is that they lack a data storage backup system. However, while engineering KENT CamEye, the feature of storage has been given utmost importance and priority. All the trips, including the video, are stored on a real-time basis on the cloud. In case of low connectivity, the data is stored in local storage; once connectivity is retrieved, the data syncs to the cloud automatically. With all the data, including the video available on the cloud, you can access it anytime and anywhere; you can also download trip details and footage on your mobile.

Here’s What We’re Saying

KENT CamEye is the best car location tracker in India, providing various car owners and families a peace of mind. This next-gen device ensures that your loved ones are safe, and no harm ever lurks upon them. This has been possible due to various features like dual camera, live video streaming, two-way audio system, face recognition, and much more. You can get this device delivered on your doorsteps by ordering it from Amazon India website and providing your family with all-round security.

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