IT Staff Augmentation, And How It Solves Hiring Problems


IT staff augmentation implies hiring temporary contractors for short or long term projects, and it entails allocating dedicated technical resources hired as development extensions of in-house teams on fixed or flexible terms and conditions. These contractors help by contributing knowledge and skills in areas with shortages.  It’s quickly gaining popularity among businesses since it helps fill temporary vacancies in companies.

Most businesses also prefer it because it eliminates the extra work of firing permanent employees just after a short period into their new professions.  IT staff augmentation is affordable, convenient, and efficient.

It solves hiring problems by:

Saving time

The conventional hiring process is tedious and time-consuming for most businesses. Also, the technology industry is facing a severe talent shortage, and finding highly-skilled employees is no small task.  IT staff augmentation can, however, help you shorten it effectively.  IT staff augmentation companies have huge connections with candidates for different roles which will help you fill the vacant roles quickly even when you’re on tight deadlines.

Reducing costs

IT staffing services enable you to eliminate the hassle of hiring full-time employees for a limited time.  If you were to employ the full-time employees, you’d add extra costs to your business’ total expenditures.  So, with staff augmentation, you only get to pay for the assistance you’ll get during the contract period. 

Besides, it also helps you eliminate the costs you’d have spent on running job ads, resume evaluations, and payroll taxes, etc.

It’s flexible

When you lack a specific skill set in your business, the basic rule of thumb is budgeting for the recruitment, interview, hiring, and training processes for these new employees you are expecting.  Instead of undergoing all of this process, IT managed services will bring in a timely, and top talented software engineering team to increase flexibility to complete your projects effectively and on time.

The staff is unbiased

In every workplace,  there are some groups that are resistant to change.  They’d prefer to stick to their routines and their vision.  Alternatively, IT staff augmentation will help eliminate resistance because these new employees are trained on skills and have a more unbiased focus for the success of project at hand.

You get the desired skill set

IT staff augmentation allows you to focus on your core business: you only need to identify your specific needs, then contact a knowledgable IT business partner.  They will help you pick the perfect candidates for the job.

One of the perks of this service is that the candidates you hire are already trained on the relevant skills required for the vacant role.  They will blend well with the existing staff and your company´s workflow, and will add the extra expertise your team needs to step up its productivity.

Bottom line

Not all software managed services are equal.  This is why it’s vital that you consider these factors before signing on the dotted line:

  • Their communication skills.  They should be able to maintain high integrity and be competent. Ideally, you should work with billingual engineers that work on your same time zone so as to maintain a fluid feedback cycle.
  • Ability to work with minimal to no supervision.
  • Should be creative thinkers who will help you identify solutions to more complicated tasks.
  • Reputation. Check how other businesses owners are talking about them.  You can find reviews about them on general review sites like google or yelp or their social media pages and websites.

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