Is Space Exploration doing us any Good?


The space explorations have a long history which has led into unraveling the few of the many mysteries of our universe.  But with billions of dollars being spent every year on this, it has become quite a hot topic for debate, raising questions weather all of this is even worth the effort or not! While some people strongly support the whole idea of space explorations there are still others who seem to disagree with it. Stay updated on space news found here to engage in informed discussions.

How is space exploration being beneficial to mankind?

Since the time the early human first evolved they started to explore the area around them. And this habit of us humans to keep exploring is what has brought us here in the present time of 21st century with such advancement in technologies which were once unreal for the early mankind.  But still this advancement happened. And the sole reason behind it is that the humans kept exploring without ever giving up.

  • This exploration is what has led us to set our foot on moon and are planning to walk soon on mars as well. Thus space exploration opens up endless opportunities for us to discover new resources so that we could stop harming our planet earth and harness resources from other planets or satellites.
  • Also with the advancement in technologies, humans are now planning to colonize the outer space. This in many ways will provide benefits to the earth by reducing the effects of over populations thus restoring the earth’s “natural health”.
  • Also space explorations have led to many important discoveries that will help the people of earth to get resources from outer space so that one day people can stop harassing the natural resources of earth.  This is quite an important aspect because with the growing population and their ever growing demands, the resources on earth have started depleting at a rapid rate. And it is high time now we humans taking the responsibility of our earth and start searching for other options from where we can harness energy. Only through space exploration can one be able to harness the solar energy of the sun which will be enough to fulfill the energy demands of over 7 billion people that are currently residing on earth.
  • Space exploration also helps in doing environmental researches by looking down on our earth from outer space. There are so many things that the space agencies like NASA and ISRO have come to know about our beautiful planet and it’s atmosphere by simply observing this beautiful planet from above the space.  This has helped them in studying the air quality, climatic changes, alternate energy resources and a lot more.


Now simply because space explorations need a lot of money to be invested can’t be the reason to not support the space exploration programs. Space exploration isn’t only about searching for an alien life. It holds way more importance that that. Space explorations help in studying the earth’s environment and thus provide us with ideas with which we can protect our earth. And more than that it gives us the freedom of not just being bounded to one corner of the universe but to explore its endless opportunities that we have in front of us. Because explorations are what have helped us making to reach this far from caves and space explorations are the new doors opening up to even new horizons which we would never be able to imagine otherwise!

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