Is Dropshipping Business Model Really That Profitable?

Is dropshipping dead?  If not, is dropshipping profitable? And if it is, then why isn’t everyone doing it?  Today, I will tell you about 5 common fears that stop people from starting a dropshipping business – and why you shouldn’t worry about it. 

 “It’s too late to start dropshipping”  

One of the most common fears here is that the dropshipping niche is fully occupied, and it’s too late to enter it.  A lot of people online will tell you they tried and failed, so the idea clearly doesn’t work! But in reality, people usually talk about their own bad experience. Think about it!  If you were successful, would you tell everyone around how you did it and inspire them to join? Or would you rather keep it to yourself? Just like any other business, dropshipping has its risks.  And nobody’s going to get tons of money on a silver platter. But if you work hard, your chances are pretty good!  


“It requires too many resources”  

Another popular misbelief is that starting a dropshipping store requires too much investment.  We’re used to thinking that business is something very expensive and only the rich can afford entrepreneurship.  But the best thing about dropshipping is that it requires neither huge investment nor specific knowledge (the only knowledge required is dropshipping product research). In this business, you don’t need to buy products in advance or pay for storage.  

“Why would anyone buy from you when they can buy directly from AliExpress?”  

How is dropshipping profitable if you simply resell products from AliExpress and anyone can purchase the stuff directly from there?  First of all, AliExpress is huge and inconvenient. Finding a really good product there is not so simple. So, many customers prefer ordering from niche stores that have already done the research and offer the best selection.  Second, a dropshipping store with a narrow niche is much easier to promote than a huge platform that sells literally everything in the world. And lastly, some people have actually never heard of AliExpress. And there are those who have but are wary of ordering products from China.  So your job is to build a good-looking store you would want to buy from.  

“It’s too risky!”  

Another misbelief about dropshipping is that you need to risk everything.  We’re used to thinking that when starting a business, you have to quit your 9-to-5 job, stop ordering pizza on Fridays, or even move back to your parents’ place.  Fortunately, dropshipping is not that kind of business. Dropshipping doesn’t require much time to manage the process, especially when you use automated tools. And you can easily combine your regular work and an online business. Money is also not a big problem.  You don’t have to buy products in advance and store them. When you get orders, your supplier sends the product directly to the customer. This way, you can test the waters without having to worry about a warehouse full of goods you can’t sell. So the risks are minimum.  

“Dropshipping is a scam”  

Lastly, you can often hear that dropshipping is a scam.  Some say that markets don’t need middlemen. Others claim that all this dropshipping thing is used only to sell paid courses and tutorials.  But in fact, almost any business has wholesalers and retailers. As for tutorials, there are many free courses, blogs and forums… as well as free videos. You can learn for free, although there are a lot of people who sell courses.  

So, is dropshipping profitable?  It is, if you are not afraid and learn every day. Don’t forget to check the Success Stories section on our blog. As you can see, a lot of fears associated with dropshipping are mostly myths or misconceptions.  Of course, it’s not risk-free, but with enough effort, anyone has a chance to succeed. If you feel ready to start a dropshipping business, download AliDropship plugin and build your own online store. Unlike many other solutions, this one has no monthly fees. 

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