iBOLT iPro2 Review

ipro2 review

Docks are a nifty piece of technology, and iBOLT claims to be the leader in making them – and for good reason. Phone docks are useful if you can’t keep your hands off your phone even when you’re driving. With texting /speaking while driving being as dangerous as DUIs, there is a need to find a safe way to use phones while driving. While the best thing to do is leaving your phone alone in the car, iBOLT offers a fantastic hands-free way of using your phone on-the-go.

iBOLT builds phone-specific docks that work even with phone covers on. If you can’t find your phone among the products they offer docks for, you can always buy a universal. These docks adhere to your windshield or dashboard to make checking messages or phone conversations distraction-free.

In this review, we’ll look at iBOLT’s iPro and iPro2 docks for Apple iPhones. The iPro is built for iPhones 5/5S/5c and the iPro2 is built for iPhones 6/6+ in addition to iPhone 5.


The iPro and iPro2 docks boast:

  • “Stick Anywhere” mount – a monster suction cup that sticks to your windshield/dashboard like it’s glue
  • Attached ball joint to reduce vibration and offer 360° rotation
  • Port on the bottom for charger cable
  • Adjustable latch to fit bigger iPhones, covered with rubber mold
  • Price: $29.95 for iPro, $49.95 for iPro2


  • Very strongly built, won’t budge with ease
  • The iPro2 is compatible with all models of iPhone 5 and up (5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+)
  • You can keep an eye on your phone without taking your eyes off the road – GPS navigation on your phone doesn’t get any easier
  • Back of the mount stays clear of your camera – dash cam, anyone?
  • Hands-free operation made easy – use voice commands effectively
  • You can charge your phone while it’s in the dock.


  • These docks are Apple-approved, but that means only Apple’s Lightning cable is compatible with it
  • Top of the mount is a little precariously placed, it may press down on the power button

Overall, if you don’t mind the imperfection of hanging your phone from a suction cup in a moving car, iBOLT’s iPro and iPro2 are just right for you.

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