Introducing Model Building to Your Kids: The Building Blocks for Success

Introducing Model Building to Your Kids: The Building Blocks for Success

Model building requires patience and carefulness, which are not often a child’s strong suits. If you’re an enthusiastic model builder and wish to share your passion with your kid, you might be a little apprehensive. 

But you don’t have to worry. Like model building, holding your child’s interest may require some patience. With time and attention, your little one may become just as enthralled by the hobby of model building as you. Here’s your building-blocks guide to introducing your child to the joys of model building. 

The essential supplies you’ll need

You can’t create without materials. Here is a list of what you will need to get started with model building:

  • A flat surface 
  • Paints and brushes
  • Masking tape
  • Basic white glue (not the most effective but the most kid-friendly)

You may also want to invest in tweezers, scissors, rubber bands, and some colorful LED lights from providers like Evan Designs for extra flair. 

Now that you’ve assembled your toolkit, here’s your step-by-step advice for introducing your child to your favorite hobby.

Getting started

There are many different types of model building, and you can partake in many of them with the basic supplies suggested above. You’re far more likely to succeed if you ask your child to participate in a modeling project with you rather than force them into it.

As your child’s parent, no one knows their interests as you do. Try to come up with ideas that will excite your child, so they remain engaged. You and your child may partake in recreating classic visual art in a simplified version. Or perhaps your little architect wants to go abstract and come up with their own constructions. Don’t forget to start small, no matter how far behind your skill level it may be.

Once you’ve chosen a project, ensure you’ve got the supplies you need and get started. You can lead your kid gently, but try to teach rather than doing all the work yourself. Your child will never learn to enjoy model building if they can’t try at their own pace.

Pay attention

Watch your child closely to see what they enjoy and what they don’t. If your kid is not interested in an idea for a project, scrap it and try something else. If your children seem to be growing frustrated, give them words of encouragement and gently coax them back into the build. 

If kids struggle with certain materials or stages of the model building process, focus on those until they improve. Remember to remain patient.

Watch as your kid becomes engrossed in the project. Your child will be engaged in their work with time and may someday share your love of model building.

Be understanding

If your kid doesn’t want to try model building at all, or if they try it but simply aren’t invested, that’s okay. Model building isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t have to be. Explore each other’s hobbies equally, and do so together. You may surprise yourself and discover that something your child likes piques your own interest. 


If you and your child share a love for model building, you can work on projects and develop your skills together as an excellent exercise in bonding.  Good luck and happy creating. 

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