iKaraok © for iPod annoys more people

ipod ikaraokeThis is the Christmas gift that you need to pray no one buys for your children. Griffin, one of the many makers of iPod accessories, has released a karaoke plugin for your iPod. It comes with software for your iPod and a microphone that plugs directly into your iPods port and allows anyone to think they are Cher or Madonna (when they sound nothing like them). As a complement, it is very basic and minimal, and as a result, blends well with the iPod’s look and design. Another cool little feature is that it allows you to kill the vocals off of your favorite pop songs so that you can sing in their place. Griffin is selling the iKaraoke for $50 on their online store just in case you can’t find it in your local electronic store.

ipod ikaraoke

ipod ikaraoke

Nik Gomez

Griffin iKaraoke for iPod [via Akihabaranews]

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