Husband Builds DIY Electric Chair to Kill Wife, Fails Miserably

Andrew and Margaret Castle had been married for 18 years. However, when Margaret informed Andrew that she would be filing for divorce, the distraught husband came up with a plan. He’d build an electric chair, convince his wife to sit in it, and zap her with 240 volts of electricity.

The chair was wired to the main power source in the garage, and Andrew invited his soon-to-be ex-wife to sit down in it to have a talk with him. However, his plan backfired when she got up before he could hit the switch.

He tried various backup methods, such as whacking her with a rubber cosh, and eventually ended up slitting his own wrists in frustration. To his disappointment, neither him nor his wife departed for the netherworld, and Andrew Castle ended up in jail.


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