HSN Already has Sony Tablet S for Sale — For $100 More

If you’re like a lot of gadget nerds, you want the latest new tech — and you want it now.

Well, in a rare opportunity, you can actually pick up the Sony Tablet S — and have it shipped before Sony has even stopped taking pre-orders.

How? Well, apparently HSN (Home Shopping Network) has a limited number of Sony S Tablets for sale, and you can even opt for a payment plan through the network. However, there is a catch (there always is). If you want your Sony Tablet S early, you’ll have to pay $100 more.

The Sony Tablet S is being sold on HSN for $599, while it’s listed in Sony’s web store to be released at a price of $499.

This could potentially be an attempt by Sony to see if consumers really will pay more to get their gadgets early.


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