HP Touchpad $99 Firesale — The Final Round

Well, it looks like the rumors about HP offering up one last round of HP Touchpad tablets weren�t completely unfounded.

It�s been discovered that HP will be selling an undisclosed number of HP Touchpad tablets in their eBay store, starting on December 11. The sale will start at 6pm Central time (7pm EST). The touchpads will be sold at their discounted �firesale� price of $99 for the 16GB model, and $150 for the 32GB model.

However, there are a few restrictions. You will need an eBay account, as well as a Paypal account in order to purchase a touchpad. Furthermore, each customer is limited to two HP Touchpads per eBay account.

If you�re feeling adventurous, you can try snagging one (or two) of these Touchpads tomorrow evening.


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