How to Reduce Lag and Increase Internet Speed for Gaming?

If you have an RTX 3080 graphics card onboard and other high-speed components, your gaming PC can be incredibly fast. However, even with such powerful hardware, having a slow connection can significantly limit your online gaming capabilities. Surprisingly, someone with a slower PC but a faster connection can react better to your movements and defeat you almost every time. This also applies to game consoles. Your opponent can have the same equipment, but your gameplay will consist of frustration and salty comments if your connection is inadequate. Let’s optimize your internet for gaming to eliminate the lagging issue.

#1 Test your connection

To play games seamlessly, a minimum of 15-20 Mbps internet speed is required. However, it is crucial to consider your bandwidth if you or other household members engage in simultaneous internet-based activities like streaming movies, video chatting, and browsing the web. Streaming videos and downloading files, in particular, consume substantial data, surpassing the requirements of gaming. Inadequate bandwidth to support all activities can noticeably impede both internet and gaming performance. Discussed below are various misconceptions surrounding broadband connections for gaming.

#2 Improve your Wi-Fi signal

Physical objects such as walls, floor, furniture, and other items can obstruct your wireless signal. Improve your WiFi signal and connectivity by moving your computer or console closer to the router. If lag persists, or if moving the router is not an option, try adjusting your gaming position, such as changing the angle of your console. Additionally, minimize signal interference from household appliances like wireless speakers, microwaves, and mobile chargers to allow for a more direct route of the wireless signal to your device.

#3 Use a VPN

If you notice that your ISP is slowing down your internet when you’re gaming, you need a VPN. This way you can reduce the lag because the provider will not be able to find out what exactly you are doing. You can also use a VPN for gaming to choose more suitable servers. Many games select servers automatically based on your location. With VeePN you can choose which server you want to switch to. This way you can find the server that works better. It happens that servers in a certain region perform worse, although they are physically located closer. VPN is your decision.

#4 Unload your Internet channel

Sites that consume a lot of bandwidth, such as Netflix, YouTube, and downloads, have a significant impact on your ping rate and latency. Ensure to close any running sites or applications to avoid affecting your gaming performance.

To enhance your gaming experience, it is recommended to reduce the number of devices connected to your WiFi. More devices connected and utilizing the WiFi require additional bandwidth. You can also improve your gaming by putting your devices on Airplane Mode.

#5 Use a wired connection

Using a wired internet connection whenever possible is highly recommended. Regardless of proximity to the router, a direct wired connection will always outperform a WiFi connection by a significant margin.

For instance, despite being located right next to my router, I initially relied on WiFi for my gaming setup. I assumed that the proximity would deliver satisfactory internet performance. While I did not experience any WiFi-related issues or lag, connecting with an Ethernet cable instantly doubled my internet speed.

Opting for a wired internet connection offers unparalleled speed and performance. However, both wired and wireless connections require the additional use of a VPN. You can even use a free browser extension if we are talking about browser games. The add-on can also be used to change your IP over the settings in your VPN application.

#6 Update your software

Most people are unaware that modems/routers have their software, similar to computer drivers, requiring regular updates. Failing to update the software can significantly impact the performance of your modem/router. For instructions on logging in to your router, refer to the model’s label to find the model number. Afterward, simply search “how to log in to [insert the router company name and model number]” on Google to access the necessary information. By updating your router and exploring additional features, you can optimize its performance.

#7 Use your router’s best settings

While routers come with default settings, they may not be optimized for gaming out of the box. By logging into your router and adjusting the settings, you can greatly improve your gaming performance.

For instance, I experienced a significant decrease in my PC’s internet speed due to my router’s limitations (which I promptly resolved). Once I eliminated the bottleneck, my internet speed shot up.

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Final Words

You don’t think the PC or console out of the box offers better performance, do you? It’s exactly the same with the Internet. There are several steps you can take to optimize your internet speed and reduce lag in games.

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