How to Prepare a Class Room for Back to School

Going back to school is always exciting. 

As a teacher, you get to meet with new kids or see children you haven’t seen for months. But with all that excitement, you also have to make sure your classroom is top-notch perfect before the first school day. 

From making sure you have enough classroom storage space to go over the little details such as ensuring everything that’s somewhat news to parents and students. 


With that said, we thought it would be important to start digging a bit on the topic of organizing and upgrading your classroom. We put our thinking hats and started going over different ways to make sure a classroom is at its best. So let’s get started!

Make sure there’s enough storage room for everyone to keep their belongings neatly stored. 

The truth is, students will always carry a lot of stuff with them, from backpacks full of textbooks (and sometimes laptops) to jackets and other miscellaneous things. 

As someone who is responsible for the classroom, you have to ensure that there’s plenty of storage for everyone to keep their clothes safely tucked away. 

One of the best ways is to get pre-made classroom storage furniture and call it a day. But if you need something that’s a bit more tailored to the room, it’s best to search for custom-made solutions. 

Organize the classroom library and seating area and make for a comfortable reading experience. 

One of the focal points of every classroom is the library and the accompanying small reading space. If you manage to provide a comfortable reading space, then students will be far more inclined to read. 

Make sure you organize the books in the library and keep the reading space neatly organized and welcoming to students. 

Check if you need to print a better evacuation scheme and make sure it’s prominently displayed. 

And while we are on the topic of keeping things neat, we can’t skip but to mention that in order to increase the safety at school. 

Go to the evacuation scheme you currently have and see if it’s prominently displayed. Also, is it easy to read? Can it be made more clear? 

Make sure to put the evacuation scheme close to an exit, and if you’re teaching to younger kids, then make sure you explain it to them. 

Add an announcement board in your classroom where you can post all important announcements. 

And somewhere near the evacuation scheme, it’s also good to put up an announcement board. Announcement boards are a great way to share any incentives by the school, news, and even important information. 

The easiest, and most affordable way to do so, is by getting a big corkboard and hanging it close to the exit/entry of the room. 

Place your desk where you can see everything. 

And finally, you have to strategically position your desk in a way that allows you to see everything that’s going on in the classroom. 

Move, test, and decide which is the ultimate way to position your desk. Make sure you can see everything, even if the room is full of students. 

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