How to Open a New Book

Before I bought my Kindle, I was a used book addict. Library book sales were my battleground. I can tell you first hand that most people have absolutely no idea how to handle their books. I’ve seen it all. Coffee stains, cover folds, books ripped clean off their binding, portal holes. It’s a crying shame, the hardships that most books go through these days.

For those of you unfamiliar with the correct way of handling a book, here’s a simple guide for how to properly open a book that is fresh off the shelves of your local book store. Because nobody likes a stiff book binding. This way, you can have that new book smell while still being able to thumb through the pages comfortably. Of course, in the modern era, opening a new book is slightly easier. Step 1: turn on device. Step 2: Download book. Step 3: Read.


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