Toast-Scented Air Freshener Will Make Your Car Smell Like… Toast

Have you ever wanted to open your car door, slide into the front seat, and be treated to the warm, savory aroma of toast? Or perhaps bacon, or mac & cheese, or buttered popcorn?

Archie McPhee is a site that offers these delicious aromas as air fresheners for your car or closet, along with some other equally useless (but interesting) products.

What I found funny wasn’t just the idea of an air freshener actually being able to recreate the smell of toast. No, it was the description of this product on the site:

This attractive air freshener features two slices of perfectly toasted bread peeking out of a retro toaster. Hang one in your car or closet to infuse the air with the calm, soothing scent of toast.”

I didn’t know that toast was calm and soothing. Usually it just makes me hungry.

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