How to Make a Classic Car Show Fun for Everyone

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When planned and executed correctly, a classic car show can be an awe inspiring event. The gleaming one of a kind vehicles on display are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what the show can offer participants and visitors alike. Classic cars come with a lot of history attached to them and behind each of the perfectly waxed relics, is a story; a story that needs to be told and heard.

From extraordinary show plates to incredible vintage interiors, a class car show should have it all.

So, how do you use the rich history that is a classic car to make a classic car show fun for everyone? The following tips should help;
1. Try to Find Your First Car

Everyone has a story about their first car. In fact, most people have a lasting bond with the first car they ever drove. Therefore the best way to make a classic car show fun for you would be to go there intentionally looking for a restored version of your first car. Imagine the experience of finding it and chatting with the owner about the good times you had with car.

2. Look for Cars in Popular Songs

Some car models are so popular they made it into the lyrics of some popular songs. You can spend time at a classic car show looking for these cars. Who knows you might find a version of the little red Corvette Prince was talking about. Even if you don’t have the means to purchase it, a picture of it of the owner allows might be the ultimate souvenir.

3. Find Great Surfing Safari Car or Camper

If you have ever dreamed of going on a surfing safari, a classic car might be the ultimate choice. Even if surfing is not your thing, these classics can still come in handy for kayakers, canoeing and skiers. They come in different models and sizes and are often a rarer find than the more popular muscle cars. Finding one is an unmatched experience even if you don’t get to take it home with you.

4. Find the Ultimate Road Trip Classic

The ideal road trip vehicle would be a convertible with plenty of space for luggage, not to mention comfortable seats. If road trips are your thing, finding the ideal classic car for the trip may be a very pleasant experience especially at a classic car show. Most of the road trip classics you’ll find at a classic show will be ideal for the ultimate adventure.

5. Locate the Ultimate Drive-in Movie Make-out Car

Classic cars are stepped in history and at some point that history involved a drive-in movie. Going to a classic show with the main aim of finding this drive-in movie ideal vehicle could be a very fun experience for you if you remember the good old days. The process itself could bring up some wonderful memories for both the car owner and the visitor. These classics often had ample space in the front and a bench seat.

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