How to Internet Enable Your TV

Smart TV

The rise of internet-enabled TVs has changed the entire TV experience these days. As per the WiredShopper, smart TVs give the user access to the entire digital connected world right in there. Modern TV sets can now allow users to do many things including watching videos on YouTube and accessing a lot of information other than from the commonly aired TV airwaves. The apps give such a wonderful experience that you wouldn’t want to go for an HDTV that does not have internet capability. However should you find yourself there, you don’t have to get stressed. Most important to know first is the fact that the demand for internet-enabled TVs has led to an increased price for these sets. Therefore, it would be cheaper to add equipment on your HDTV to internet-enabled it. This option will make it possible for you to do most of the same things. Here are different ways to do this:

1. Through a Video Game System

Most common video game systems can connect to the internet allowing the user access to online content. One such system that can enable TV-internet connectivity is the PlayStation 4. It allows the user to stream and download TV shows and per-view movies and content from Netflix as well. It also comes with a complete Web browser that can help you access your favorite sites. The Xbox type can also facilitate streaming on Netflix. However, these video game systems are not able t access everything available online although they will help the user access the most common sites for their consumption.

2. Using the Blu-ray Player

For those who love movies and want to make good use of their HDTV, all you need is a Blu-ray Player. It will help a lot in accessing content from the internet and that includes Netflix content and YouTube videos among other platforms such as Pandora. Blu-ray players equipped with internet will normally not let you access a lot of online content when compared to an internet-enabled TV. However, this equipment has some of the most common Web widgets and is also affordable.

3. TV Internet Connectivity via PC or Laptop

Using a PC or your laptop is also an option to connect to a modern TV set, especially when you want to turn it into a big computer screen. This is not the way for most people but it could be the only solution you got. You will still be able to view a lot from the web on your big TV monitor. The good thing here is that you can get to watch all that is on the internet without any limitations as seen with Blu-ray players and set-top boxes.

4. Standalone Video Streaming Gadget

Standalone boxes can be used for streaming web content for TV. The most common ones are the Roku boxes that can help stream movies from different sources, play music on Pandora and showcase photos from places like Flickr and much more. The widely used standalone systems are the VUDU Box and the Apple TV. These gadgets provide different internet-enabled operations. Even with that, there are quite a number of options to explore. Users can, therefore, find any from the local electronics shop.

What Content is Important to you?

In your efforts to connect your TV to the internet, you must decide what content is vital because different setups provide different access to the internet. The only option that will give you full access is when using a computer connected to your TV. Looking at the limitations of each option, you can know what device to buy and enjoy internet connectivity on your TV screen. If you are a Netflix subscriber, you will definitely want a device that can stream from the site.

Most of the devices that enable Web content streaming to TVs can handle high-definition video although not all of them. With an HDTV, you should be looking for a device that can stream images at 720p, 1080i or 1080p if you don’t want to be disappointed. Another important thing to check is the connections you need. Every internet-enabled video gadget needs high-speed internet connectivity. Therefore, connecting to your home network will be most preferable.

As highlighted in here, there are different ways to connect to the internet and that implies looking for the best way to do it. You must first decide on what content is important to you then explore the options that will make it possible to achieve that. This is the way to go to internet enable your HDTV.

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