How to Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android Smartphone

Extensions are widely used in the popular software of Google. In the Chrome browser extension make your work easier and give a better experience to the users. A number of extensions are available for the Chrome browser which is only for desktop.  However, these extensions are not supported on Android devices which create a little bit of problem to the smartphone users. However, there is no straight method but you can use the other alternatives. There are several ways which work very well and probably it works on every Android device. So if you also want to install Chrome extension on your Android device then you are landed on the right page.


Install Google Chrome Extensions on Android smartphone:-

Before we start the process, one thing you should know that these extensions are not supported in the Android devices. Thus, we used a third-party app called “kiwi browser”. This browser uses Blink rendering engines and it is based on open source project. There is also another app i.e. Yandex can be used in place of Kiwi Browser. Follow these steps properly and you will get all those extensions in your Android device that you use in desktop.

1. Search for Kiwi browser and download the APK file from any trusted website. Just install this browser and open it. You may probably get a warning for the Unknown sources. Allow all permissions and prompts that were asking.

2. Then, open the browser and here you will see a search option for extension. Search your favorite extension that you want to use and tap on “Add to Chrome”. Then tap on Ok button, now the extension has been installed.

3. Go to the three dot menu, you will get an option for extension. In this option, all the Extensions are listed that you have installed on your Chrome. You can also disable or remove the extension in this option.

If you are unable to find the Kiwi Browser then you can also use Yandex. It is a popular browser which is also available on the Play Store. It is also a Chromium browser which is similar to Kiwi. Because it supports the Chrome extensions it becomes the best Chrome alternative.

Install Chrome Extensions on Mozilla Firefox:

Many peoples use different browser at a time like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. In such a case, if your phone has no more space and unable to install Yandex or Kiwi. Then you can also install the extensions on Mozilla Firefox in some basic steps. These steps are as follows.

1. Download the official versions of Mozilla Firefox from the Google Play Store.

2. Open the menu option and enable the desktop mode so that you can easily install all these plugins.

3. Click on the Add-ons option which is available on the menu. It will open an Add-on tab.

4. Then search for the Chrome store there in search option and then tap on Add.

5. It will open where you can download and install plugins very easy.

Some of the best Android Chrome extensions:

•    Data Saver

•    Scriptsafe

•    HTTPS Everywhere

•    Ghostery

•    Pocket

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