How to Find the Best Mobile Games

The rise of powerful mobile phones and tablets brought with it a not very surprising explosion in mobile games. After all, your average smartphone carries more computing power and way better graphics than most of the early gaming systems.

You can find all kinds of games from multiplayer mobile games and puzzle games to word games like the one driving the Wordle craze. Of course, with such a deep bench of options, sorting the wheat from the chaff can prove a bit challenging. Sometimes you might even need some extra help with games like Rust. But, you can get access to the best Rust hacks to ace the game in no time!

That leaves most mobile games with the lingering question of how to find the best mobile games. If that’s your current quandary, keep reading for some tips on making your next selection.

Ask Around

If you’re looking for fun mobile games, just asking people what they’re playing right now can help you find some great options. Of course, you should make sure that they play the kind of games you’re looking for, but your personal network can prove an excellent source of fresh games.

See What’s Available Through Your Subscriptions

Some phone carriers now let you get subscriptions for mobile game services. For example, GameMine Orange is a partnership between Gamemine and phone carrier Orange. If you get that GameMine subscription through your phone carrier, you can look through the offerings the subscription service offers.

Look at Gaming Publications

A lot of gaming publications like online magazines and gaming-centric blogs put a lot of focus on console and PC gaming. Those are still huge markets and many next-gen games live only on those platforms.

Yet, the raw popularity of mobile games means that more and more gaming publications now cover trends in mobile gaming. You can often best-of lists that focus on specific areas of mobile gaming, such as zombie games or first-person shooters.

You’ll also find “most popular” lists that can clue you into the games that see the most downloads or the most users.

Poke Around on Social Media

Many best free mobile games and paid mobile games get their start on social media. Someone finds fun mobile games and they post about it or throw up screen captures of their best moments or scores.

A basic keyword or hashtag search on social media platforms can pull up countless recommendations for games that people consider fun or worth the time. You can often refine those results by throwing in specific terms like multiplayer or puzzle.

Finding the Best Mobile Games for You

Any time you go looking for new mobile games or any kind of video game, it’s important to remember that best for you isn’t always most popular. You should always make sure you ask for the kind of games you play or recommendations for a new kind of game you want to try.

Ask around in your personal circle first. Then, look online for gaming publications and social media posts. You can even check and see if you can access a game subscription service through your carrier.

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