How to Connect AirPods with a Mac


Apple introduces a wire-free earphone i.e. AirPods in 2016. Basically, AirPods comes up with a case with wireless charging technology. Apart from the wireless design, it leaves white stalks all the time out of your ear. In recent times many other brands introduce wireless earphone like AirPods. AirPods uses standard Bluetooth feature for connection with Apple devices. It easily syncs with iPad and iPhones and other Apple devices. It can also sync with Mac for streaming music and others. Here are given some methods about how to connect AirPods to a Mac.

Method1: Pair AirPods through iCloud

Basically, AirPods are designed to use with an iPhone. AirPods can be easily connected with iPhone via iCloud. iCloud is basically a service through which you can sync Apple devices like iPhone, iPad etc. It helps you to share files and made wireless connection between Apple devices. Then it becomes quite easy to connect AirPods with a Mac. And even Bluetooth isn’t necessary for this method. The first thing that you should remember that iCloud account should be the same in your iPhone and Mac. If the account were different then it can’t possible to sync. Bluetooth doesn’t play any role in this method. Thus, it the best and easiest method to connect AirPods to a Mac.

Method2: Pair AirPods without iCloud

In this method, AirPods connect with a Mac through Bluetooth. If you had not made any setup with your iOS device then you go with this. In this method, you don’t even have to put out the AirPods from charging case. Open the control panel and turned on the Bluetooth on your Mac. Then open the charging case and press the back button on the back side of the case. Press button for three seconds until it flashes white light. It may take some time to turn on the Bluetooth probably three seconds are enough for this. Now the Bluetooth turned on in AirPods. When the Bluetooth turned on then go to the control panel and click connect. After a successful connection, you can stream music and can enjoy other features too.

Method3: Desktop Control

You can connect AirPods to your Mac through the desktop controls. These controls are available in the menu bar. Basically, in this method, Bluetooth is necessary for connection. You can connect or disconnect AirPods by going through the Bluetooth pull-down menu. This option is available in the main menu bar of Mackbook. You can also check the battery level for the charging case and the AirPods too.

Method4: iTunes Audio

Apple iTunes is an application available on the App Store. This application helps in playing, managing and downloading the audio and video files. It also helps to connect AirPods with a MacBook. By default when you connect AirPods with Mac it selected as the primary audio output device. The audio coming from the other apps was also played through AirPods. It can also possible to get audio from different devices of different apps. This can only possible through the iTunes from Apple. Just go to the iTunes menu bar and click on the Airplay button. After that, you can select for AirPods for audio output. This system makes the change in the default settings and tells macOS to play through AirPods.

Summary: Thus these are the methods through which you can connect AirPods to a Mac. These are very simple and easy methods. You should listen to a chime sound when it connected. Just connect with any device and enjoy the awesome sound quality of these AirPods.

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