How To Choose The Right Place For Off-Campus Housing

How To Choose The Right Place For Off-Campus Housing

Although living in a dorm was probably the best way to go to begin your new life in university, it has gotten old pretty fast. Sharing everything and not having much space of your own is no longer working. It’s time to start thinking about getting your own off-campus apartment since the days of dorm living are coming to an end.

Finding a place is easy. Finding the right place is a challenge. Since this is likely your first time moving into an apartment on your own or even with roommates, it will be a bit overwhelming. You’ll need some guidelines to keep in mind so you don’t make too many mistakes.

In this article, we will go over some tips to make the process smoother and give you some ideas to think about. 

Have a short term rental ready

The end of the semester doesn’t necessarily coincide with the beginning of a lease. This is especially true in a university town that follows the rhythm of the scholastic calendar. This means that often new leases start when classes are beginning. So, where do you stay when you only have a month or two between the end of classes and when your new lease should begin?

You have a few options available. The first is to move back home with your family while you wait. This can be problematic if your hometown is far from where you plan to live off-campus. It will also involve putting your stuff into short-term storage so you don’t have to move it far and then move it back when you enter the new apartment.

Your best bet is to go for a short term rental. This could be an Airbnb apartment near your school. Or, you could go for one of the many short term furnished rentals Toronto has available or one wherever your university is located. 

Do a thorough inspection

Landlords that rent to college students are notorious for cutting corners to save money. Often this involves renting out an apartment with a lot of problems that are neglected. When you go to look at the apartment, make sure to look for signs that things are being covered up.

Make sure to check out the plumbing to see if it works well and has good pressure. Turn on the faucets and shower. Then take a look at the water boiler for heat. If it is really old, look for signs of leaks around it.

Pay close attention to things like the electrical outlets and see if the circuit breaker box is accessible and in good condition. Anything that looks like it is makeshift is a bad sign. 

Choose roommates wisely

The wrong roommate can make your living conditions miserable. Make sure to choose the person wisely. If you have to place an ad, make sure the person is looking for the same things that you are. Remember that you are there to study and need to have a place that is quiet and calm for that purpose.

If the person is somebody that won’t be home much as they are busy with their studies then that is ideal. 

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