How to Choose the Best High Speed Internet Service

In the digital world in which we live today, the Internet connection is one of the basic services that people look for before moving to a new property. This is even more indispensable if you develop your work from home. Many companies provide the Internet, but how can you know which is the best service to hire? That depends on different factors: your need for connection, the area where your house is, the level of speed that reaches your home. Today, in this article we will share a few tips about how to choose the best high speed internet service.

Wifi technology

What do you need?

Before you even start looking for internet service providers, you must determine how much internet speed you need. Why do you want the internet to use?

Some of the most common options are:

· Check and answer emails

· Surf in the Internet

· Use social networks

· Videoconferences

· Receive online content such as movies or videos

· Make downloads

It is also important to know if these internet services are going to be used by many people simultaneously or not. Then choose the internet service according to your needs.

Factors to consider

You probably receive in your email and even in your mailbox or by telephone many offers of companies that offer you the internet service. All claim to have the fastest and cheapest service but before letting you attract only by the promotional text you must analyze some such factors:


Do you know what it means for an internet service to have a speed of 5 Mbps? We simply know that speed of 20Mbps is faster than a speed of 5 Mbps but you should also know that usually at higher speed, higher price. So there is no reason to hire a service with a speed of 20Mbps if you only need one of 5Mbps.

How to know what speed you need?

Your internet service provider can help you but as a guide, we can tell you that:

A service with a speed of 1 Mbps will be worth it for activities such as browsing the web, answering emails, using social networks.

If you make videoconferences often, we recommend a service between 1 and 4 Mbps.

If you are going to play online video in “streaming” (for example, a broadcast of a football match) you should look for an internet server with a speed between 3 and 8 Mbps. If you are looking for high definition, choose a service with a higher speed.


Not all companies that offer internet service can do it in all geographical areas; you must also find out if given the conditions of the building or premises where your company is located, you can connect that service.

It is important to check the availability of technical service in your area, especially if you are not in a big city. You will not want a breakdown to take a week to be repaired or worse if you are charged travel expenses if you have any problems.

Connection type

There are different types of connections, and it is important to know them to at least know what they are talking about when they tell you that their connection is the best because it is fiber optic or when they tell you that their internet service is via satellite.

Supplier reputation

Fortunately for users, we are in the information age and we have to take advantage of this. Check the opinions online about the internet service provider you want to hire. Do not let yourself be guided by one or two bad opinions. There may have been a specific situation with those clients but that is not why this internet service is of poor quality or is not well managed.

Customer support

Nobody wants their Internet connection to be interrupted or fail, but these things happen. It is therefore essential that the company with which we contract our Internet connection is committed to adequate customer service. The inadequate provision of this service is one of the fundamental reasons that Internet users claim to unsubscribe from an operator, a circumstance that attests to the importance of communication with the company.

Besides, we must bear in mind that we will not only need to contact the supplier when a fault or failure occurs. On many occasions, we will also need to turn to our supplier to, for example, ask any questions related to our invoice.

Price and conditions

Undoubtedly, what we are willing to pay will be essential when choosing a certain provider for our new Internet connection. The wide variety of offers available in the market is also reflected in the existing price differences. So we must look for the offer that best suits our needs and our pocket. Also, the conditions of the contract that we sign must be taken into account. And it is that the fine print of the documents of telecommunications service providers is a ‘classic’ in the most common lists of complaints of citizens.

You have to be very attentive to the promotional prices that apply during a certain period and make sure what the fixed cost will be once this offer ends. Also, you have to inform yourself about important issues such as if the router is included in the price, what permanence you will have and what penalty will be applied if we break it if the antivirus and security tools that are customary to offer are free, if it will be offered to us also email, if the technical support service has any cost.

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